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Port Botany Community Consultative Committee

NSW Ports is currently accepting applications to join the Port Botany Community Consultative Committee, please see below for more information.

NSW Ports runs the Port Botany Community Consultative Committee to build relationships between the port and the local community. Members include local residents, business owners, port operators, the port manager, plus State and local government representatives.

NSW Ports is currently seeking community representatives to fill vacant positions on the Committee on a voluntary basis. Committee members gain opportunities to increase their awareness of port operations and development, raise issues of concern and provide constructive feedback to ensure port activities are compatible with the needs of the community.

Applicants should be willing to attend quarterly meetings and have significant involvement in local environmental, business or community matters within the areas neighbouring Port Botany.

The minutes of previous PB CCC meetings can be found below.

The Terms of Reference, and an Application Form to join the Committee can be downloaded here: http://www.nswportsbotany.com.au/assets/Community-Downloads/NSW-Ports-PBCCC-Terms-of-ReferenceFINAL-Dec-2014.pdf

Applications to join the Committee should be submitted to NSW Ports by COB Friday 18 November 2016 via one of the following methods:

Emailed to enquiries@nswports.com.au

By Post to Trevor Brown, NSW Ports, PO Box 215, Port Kembla NSW 2505

For more information or to further discuss the Committee, please contact NSW Ports on 1300 922 524 or enquiries@nswports.com.au.

Purpose of the group

The Group is a port-wide consultation and communication forum with the principal objective of sharing information about port activities amongst port lessees, community and special interest group representatives. The group is designed to provide a forum for:

- Information exchange and discussion on port operations and activities at Port Botany.

- Local residents to provide information about local issues.

- Meeting the requirements of the Port Botany Expansion Approval in regards to community consultation.

Terms of Reference were finalised for the Committee in December 2014. Click here to download a copy: Port Botany Community Consultative Committee Terms of Reference

Effective October 2013 the Port Botany Neighbourhood Liasion Group (PB NLG) was merged with the Port Botany Expansion Community Consultative Committee (PBE CCC) and renamed the Port Botany Community Consultative Committee (PB CCC). The newly merged Committee is independently chaired by Ms Roberta Ryan. The below documents explain the rationale behind the merging and the subsequent approval from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Request to Combine 

Approval to Combine

Meeting Minutes - PB CCC

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #14 February 2017

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #13 November 2016

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #12 August 2016

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #11 May 2016

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #10 March 2016

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #9 December 2015

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #8 August 2015

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #7 May 2015

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #6 March 2015

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #5 November 2014

- Supporting presentation: EPA Preliminary noise monitoring results (Microsoft PowerPoint file)

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #4 August 2014

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #3 May 2014

- Supporting document: Vopak community letter regarding bitumen odour

- Supporting document: Summary of Port Botany reversing alarms

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #2 Feb 2014

PB CCC Minutes - Meeting #1 Nov 2013

Meeting Minutes - Previous PB NLG

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 22

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 21

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 20

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 19

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 18

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 17

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 16

PBNLG Minutes - Meeting # 15